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About Me




I love to show people that health and fitness are actually incredibly fun! - Marian

Marian was once an overweight kid, confused about how food impacted her physical and mental health, and struggling to feel at home in her body. At the age of 13, Marian stumbled upon a startling truth- that some of the foods she ate every single day were making her sick. After removing these foods from her diet, her body transformed seemingly overnight, and over the next decade her health and fitness transformed as well. When her first daughter was born with eczema and life threatening food allergies, Marian knew she had more to learn, and was inspired to return to school to study holistic nutrition. She studied with some of the world's leading names in nutrition, and developed a more robust understanding of the role that diet and healthy lifestyle habits play in improving overall health and wellness. 

Today, Marian is the mother of three healthy daughters, and a passionate advocate for nutritional wellness and physical fitness. She loves spending time with her children, cooking for people she loves, and baking for anyone who is nearby. Her goal is to bring joy and positivity to the world of nutrition, fitness, and healthy eating. She wants people to know that healthy eating is fun and exciting, and that changing your diet for the better is a wonderful journey, not a path of deprivation. She especially loves teaching stressed out people how to fit cooking and exercising into their busy lives. Most days you can find her running back and forth between her kitchen and her weight room with a toddler on her hip. She and her family live outside Washington, DC. 

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